Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Chips Hub Europe: Breaking the Wall to Advanced Innovation in Semiconductor Industry

16:00 Opening Remarks, Marek Kysela, Senior Coordinator Advocacy, SEMI Europe
Building Collaborative ECS projects via the Eureka Cluster Xecs
  Nadja Rohrbach, Xecs Director, AENEAS
Building Collaborative ECS projects via the Eureka Cluster Xecs
Nadja Rohrbach

Nadja Rohrbach
Xecs Director

Nadja Rohrbach

The semiconductor industry and actors from the full Electronic Components and Systems value chain innovate, and evolve, by a simple creed: faster, greener, cheaper. And while it might seem complex and costly to introduce novel technologies at every step of production, it is easier and more affordable than you think to implement change and gain an immediate return on investment. Whether you need to manage fierce competition or cut innovation costs, funded international collaborations are your gateway to tackle complex technological challenges, address research opportunities , grow innovative partnerships to drive technological improvement and increase profitability.Join our funding programme representative and experts and discover how funding and international industry collaborations including other actors can help your company to adopt next-generation innovations ahead of the global competition!

With an academic background in biology and immunology, Nadja Rohrbach spent several years as a scientific officer for a member of the German Federal Parliament. Subsequently she joined the DLR Project Management Agency, initially focusing on Eureka and network projects, before becoming head of the Eurostars group. Few years ago, Nadja was seconded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to the Eureka secretariat in Brussels, where she was appointed central coordinator for the new Eureka Clusters Programme and worked with various bodies like public authorities and industry to draft the first Eureka Clusters Multi-Annual and Annual Operational Plans. One year ago, she started at AENEAS as Xecs Programme Director being in charge of the Clusters Penta and Euripides as well.

16:30 Ksenia Tantsurina, Marketing Communications Manager, iTEC
16:40 Maksims Ivanovs, Researcher, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science