Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CHAIRMAN: Anton Keppel, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.

10:00 Introduction and Welcome
  Dr. Martin Hollfelder

Session 1. More than Moore, Power, Beyond CMOS

10:10 1.2 AXCELIS – Dr. Dwight Roh
  Advanced Implant technology for More than Moore, Power and beyond CMOS
10:30 1.1 SCREEN LASSE - Dr. Fulvio Mazzamuto
  Ultrafast Laser Annealing for Power devices
10:50 1.3 SOITEC – Dr. Nicolas Daval
  SMART Cut™ applied for compound semiconductor

Session 2. SCREEN R&D and JDP Collaboration

11:10 2.1 IMEC - Dr. Frank Holsteyns
  Wet Process Challenges for Advanced Logic Device Fabrication
11:30 2.2 CEA-Leti – Dr. Sebastien Kerdiles
  Nanosecond Laser Annealing for 3D integration

Session 3. Equipment Presentation

11:50 3.1 SCREEN – Mark Goeke
  Polyimide Coat/Develop track DT-3000 for power application
12:03 3.2 SCREEN – Alessandro Rossi
  ZI-2000 for SiC and LT/LN wafer inspection
12:16 3.3 SCREEN – Dr. Martin Hollfelder
  New Si thinning Single Wafer Cleaner for power, CIS and 3D application